Driven by the disruption brought about by technological advances and the unprecedented emergence of Covid 19, which led to ‘The Great Resignation’ that forced people to reexamine their personal and professional priorities, the landscape of work is rapidly evolving. A lot of people are seeking guidance and support to navigate the changing career terrain as it is getting increasingly difficult to map out a path on the basis of existing knowledge and skills. This presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to better harness and leverage technology by launching an online career coaching platform and allowing individuals to cultivate career agility.

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Surge in Demand for Career Coaching

As mentioned above, the workforce market has been in a state of flux ever since the emergence of Covid 19, which was followed by massive layoffs, remote work and redefining of job roles. All of this cumulatively led to a surge in demand for career coaching services that holistically range from writing simple and substantial résumés to helping with interview preparation, salary negotiation, confidence building, finding work-life balance and more. That said, according to IBIS World, the market size of the Job Training & Career Counseling industry increased by 9.1% in 2022 and reached $18.4 Billion in the same year.

From being a luxury in the past to being a necessity in the present, career coaching has come a long way with several trends driving its popularity and shaping the market. Let us explore a few of them.

Technology Acceleration

Technology acceleration has accentuated virtual coaching where suitable assistance is now accessible at the tap of a button. Additionally, coaches can provide personalized coaching using data driven insights by using tools provided by career coaching platforms.

Increasing Interplay Between Humans and Machines

In a world where “technology is evolving from automating the…

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