AI has transformed the business landscape, and while everyone can benefit from it, not everyone has the technological background to understand exactly how it works and what it does.

artificial terminology

This piece is an AI glossary of all the essential terms and definitions you need to know to fully understand the technology you use.

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Why Artificial Intelligence Matters for Marketers

Artificial intelligence is important for marketers because it can support crucial parts of the marketing process, like SEO research, campaign personalization, data analysis, and content creation. For example, a tool like Campaign Assistant uses text inputs (also called prompts) to help marketers seamlessly and quickly create copy for landing pages, emails, and ad campaigns.

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And, when AI assists with key marketing tasks, it also saves you time that you can redistribute to focusing on optimizing your campaigns.

Read through the AI glossary below to learn more about how the AI tools you use work.

Artificial Intelligence Terms Marketers Need to Know


  • Algorithm – An algorithm is a formula that represents a relationship between variables. In machine learning, models use algorithms to make predictions from the data it analyzes. Social media networks have algorithms that use previous behavior on the platform to show them content it predicts they’re most likely to enjoy.
  • Artificial intelligence – Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science where machines complete tasks that would require intelligence if done by a human, like learning, seeing, talking, reasoning, or problem-solving.
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – AGI is the second of three stages of AI, where systems have intelligence that allows them to learn and adapt to new situations, think abstractly, and solve problems on par with human intelligence. We are currently in the first stage of AI,…

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