2023 was a whirlwind.

marketer contemplating top marketing challenges

For one, there were the enormous strides in AI that resulted in massive shifts across the marketing industry. (Many marketers compare AI innovations to the industrial revolution. No big deal or anything.)

Besides AI, there have been massive shifts in how content ranks on search engines due to Google’s new EEAT search ranking factors.

Consumer buying behavior has changed drastically, as well, with an increasing number of consumers turning to social media to shop. In fact, Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X actually prefer finding products on social media over any other channel.

As we approach 2024, it’s critical to pause for a moment and reflect on the biggest challenges marketers feel they faced this year.

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Below, let’s review the current global marketing issues impacting the industry, according to data from HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report (coming January 2024) and insights from marketing experts.

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Top Challenges Marketers’ Faced in 2023, Ranked — Plus, Expert Insights on How to Navigate Those Challenges in 2024

1. Facilitating Strong Sales and Marketing Alignment

Strong sales and marketing alignment is critical for any successful organization. And yet, it’s undeniably challenging to facilitate strong communication to help these two teams work better together.

Which is why a whopping one-third (35%) of marketers say a lack of effective communication between sales and marketing is their top challenge.

Why It’s a Challenge

Many sales and marketing teams work in silos at larger organizations. Bridging the gap between the two teams — particularly when those teams have different priorities and are unclear of their shared goals — can be difficult, especially when neither team feels motivated to do so.

Additionally, the two teams might implement separate data and analytics processes, making it hard to share data consistently and retrieve insights that help both sales…

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