To effectively lead a marketing team, you must know your top goals. Whether your goal is to increase revenue or improve your customers’ understanding of your products, starting with a clear objective helps you create a sound marketing strategy for 2023 and beyond.

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But sometimes, you may struggle to identify the most important goals for your organization. For this reason, we surveyed 500+ marketing executives to point you in the right direction. About half of marketing leaders say they will change their marketing goals in 2023.

Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader: Data from 500+ Marketing Executives on How to Get Ahead in 2023

Here, we’ll look at the top five goals that marketing leaders plan to prioritize in the upcoming year. Plus, you’ll hear how to achieve these goals from experts at Uber, Dropbox, ClickUp, and other businesses.

The Top 5 Goals of Marketing Leaders in 2023

1. Increasing Revenue and Sales

Of marketing leaders, 22% report “increasing revenue and sales” as their top priority for 2023. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. A marketer‘s core job is to impact a business’s bottom line by attracting the right audiences and driving leads down the pipeline for sales.

Gaurav Agarwal, chief growth officer at ClickUp, told me increasing revenue and driving sales is a top priority for his team.

He says, “As a fast-growing company with industry-leading NDR, adding in new revenue sustainably is our top priority. We are hyper-focused on building out different growth and sales capabilities to achieve that goal.”

Agarwal continues, “As we embark on our 2023 planning, we do so with a renewed focus on efficiency and clear goals around our different self-serve and sales-assisted motions.”

He adds, “We are also doubling down on organic growth strategies and efforts to better monetize our user base and leads. It is our priority to take a full-funnel approach to build compounding revenue machines.”

To increase revenue, marketing leaders…

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