Shipping your products is a critical aspect of your e-commerce operations and deciding the best methods that will deliver on customer experience without being damaging to your wallet can be challenging.

We have third-party shipping partners who are ready and waiting on your EKM online shop that can help simplify the process. Whether you’re a start-up, small business, or a mid to large size company, we’ve got the perfect shipping solutions for you.

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Start-Up/Small Business Shipping Solutions: 

As a start up/small size business, you may find that your priorities around finding shipping solutions revolve around your budget, while also ensuring a seamless customer experience. 

Top things to consider:

  • Cost-effectiveness is paramount, so explore options that offer competitive rates without compromising on reliability. 
  • Look for solutions that simplify label printing and offer convenient drop-off points to save you time and effort. 
  • Consider the flexibility of these solutions – can they accommodate your fluctuating order volumes? 

As you establish your brand, customer satisfaction is key; therefore, choose partners that provide tracking information and accurate delivery estimations. Remember, the right shipping partner can not only save you money but also elevate your brand’s reputation through efficient and dependable shipping practices.

Below are some our shipping partners that we know can get you off to a great start, offering reliable, easy to use and cost effective services, kick-starting your online business.

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Royal Mail Click & Drop

This new online postage and label solution is tailored to suit the needs of start-ups and small businesses.

Key Features:

  • Convenient and quick: Create, buy, and print UK and international postage without registration.
  • Secure online payments: Save time by paying online with your credit/debit…

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