Tokgistic: TikTok Launches UK Fulfillment Service

TikTok launched a new fulfillment service in the UK to help merchants who sell on its social media platform. Fulfilled by TikTok (FBT) comes just a few months after ecommerce platform Shopify sold its fulfillment service (which included Deliverr) in May to Flexport.

According to Tuesday’s announcement, “FBT is a logistics offering available in the UK where TikTok Shop stores, picks, packs and then ships merchants’ products to the TikTok community. It is designed to help free merchants from time-consuming logistics via a simple, fast and affordable solution, so they can focus on important aspects of their business such as marketing, content and product development.”

The service is only available to TikTok Shop merchants based in and delivering to the UK, and packages must not exceed a weight of 30kg or a cubic volume of 31.5 cubic litres per shipment. Not surprisingly, merchants don’t have to store all of their SKUs at the warehouse or use FBT for all of their products.

TikTok cited the following benefits of using its new fulfillment program:

  • Same day, automated fulfilment for all orders made by 7PM Monday to Saturday.
  • A next working day premium delivery service. -Improved customer feedback and ratings through our instant messaging service and dedicated customer service employees.
  • Improved metrics in terms of reduced delivery times.

In addition to offering merchants advertising opportunities, in May, TikTok Shop launched an affiliate program in the UK, giving creators “a new and exciting opportunity to monetise their content, creativity and influence by collaborating with sellers on TikTok.” It also encourages sellers to provide samples to creators “as a way to help creators promote quality content and show your product in use.”

In June, The Information reported that TikTok had begun testing a fulfillment service for US merchants comprised of third-party logistics companies.

Sellers can review the cost of…

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