If you’ve been riding the Microsoft Bookings wave, you know how essential a good scheduling tool can be. But what if we told you the ocean of booking solutions is vast and brimming with Microsoft Bookings alternatives that might perfectly fit your unique needs?

You will uncover tools with intuitive designs, flexible pricing, and features that might make you reconsider your current booking setup. So buckle up, and let’s set sail on this voyage of scheduling discovery!

1. Calendar 365

Calendar 365 is a comprehensive scheduling solution primarily tailored for Dynamics CRM users. As it tightly integrates with Dynamics 365 CRM, it offers businesses a seamless experience to manage their appointments, tasks, and resources directly within their CRM environment.


  • Unified View: Calendar 365 provides users with a consolidated view of all appointments, tasks, activities, and even custom entities. This makes planning and tracking easier.
  • Multiple Views: From Day, Week, Month to Gantt and Agenda views, users can switch between various calendar layouts based on their preference.
  • Custom Entity Support: Unlike many other scheduling tools, Calendar 365 allows users to manage custom entities. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with specialized scheduling needs.
  • Recurring Appointments: Users can set recurring appointments, ensuring regular tasks or meetings are always noticed.
  • Resource Management: Calendar 365 offers the ability to manage and allocate resources, be it rooms, equipment, or staff.
  • Color-Coded Entries: Different activities and appointments can be color-coded for easier visualization, making it simple to differentiate and identify tasks.
  • Integration with Dynamics CRM: As it is designed primarily for Dynamics CRM users, the integration is deep and seamless, ensuring that data flow and synchronization are smooth.


  • Specialized for Dynamics CRM: Calendar 365 is tailor-made for Dynamics CRM only.

2. Calendly

Calendly is a…

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