The holidays can be the make-it-or-break-it factor for eCommerce store owners. Whether it’s a great deal or quick shipping, customers are looking for everything these days. The holiday season can be a stressful time for eCommerce store businesses, so they need to be prepared. Make sure your eCommerce store is well prepared for the holidays with these seven sure-fire ways to create amazing results not only during the holiday season but long afterward as well.

1. Create Relatable Holiday Content & Ads for your eCommerce Store

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As the season’s change, so should the content you release by your brand. This means that the content on your store should match the holiday season. Buyers are more likely to trust the eCommerce store site as it’s up-to-date with the latest events and seasons. We suggest, for example, putting a Christmas tree on your home page of an eCommerce store or stockings in your newsletter if it is approaching Christmas.  Additionally, we recommend tweaking your ads and especially SEO content because, according to Similar Web, optimized SEO-friendly searches alone can bring up to 10x more traffic than other channels. A great idea to keep your customers in the loop is to send out a holiday-themed newsletter to current subscribers informing them of the season and possible deals.  Even something as simple as adding red and green colors to your home page can indicate that you’re geared and in sync with the holiday season. 

2. Optimize Shipping & Tracking Routes

While we expect the eCommerce industry to continue growing, as will the number of shipments. There are certain aspects to consider with shipping during the holiday period such as delays, lost packages, and offering different shipping plans. The last thing you want when shipping products during the holidays is an influx of WISMO inquiries. One thing brands can do to maximize sales while reducing sales during the holiday season is offer different shipping options such as Free…

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