Like many others, I get dozens of emails a day. 

If the subject line’s irrelevant to my interests, I’m scrolling by and ignoring it. Or, worse, I might click on an email and hit the unsubscribe button after deciding it wasn’t worth my time.

If you’re a marketer, you want to avoid scrolling and unsubscribes at all costs. If your email goes unopened because your messaging missed your target, was the content you created within it even worth it?

To effectively engage and convert potential customers, you need to leverage behavioral targeting tools that enable you to deliver personalized and relevant messaging to your unique audience segments

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of tools available that can help you meet your audiences where they are. Below, we’ll explore some of the top behavioral targeting tools that can level up your marketing strategy.

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Top Behavioral Targeting Tools

HubSpot Behavioral Targeting

HubSpot Behavioral Targeting

Get started with HubSpot Behavioral Targeting

With HubSpot Behavioral Targeting, you’ll be able to meet prospects where they are by learning about how they engage with your website and content. 

As a content marketer, my team and I use it to create segmented lists based on persona and level of engagement with our brand or site. These lists often help us determine how to personalize site content, tailor our marketing emails, and run automated campaigns.

Beyond this, the tool helps our broader team identify, learn from, and respond to high-intent behaviors like web visits, email interactions, and form submissions.

You can also leverage contact details from your CRM, personalizing messages using contacts’ name, company, and role. Lastly, you can set up custom triggers, like automatically send a follow-up email after a visitor fills out a form. 

Pricing: Part of Marketing Hub, which offers A free version, Starter at $45/month, Professional at $800/month, and Enterprise at $3,600/month. 




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