Selling on an ecommerce platform like WooCommerce gives you the greatest amount of control over your online store, marketing, product positioning, and other aspects of running a business. 

But can you do more to increase your global reach and engage with new markets who wouldn’t have any other way to find your products? This is how selling on multiple marketplaces can help grow an ecommerce business — they give you access to more customers in more places who would likely never find your ecommerce store.

There are several top online marketplaces that have a global reach, and depending on your business, you should consider them all before deciding which ones can best advance your business growth goals, without compromising your autonomy.

How to choose the right marketplace

The best online marketplaces for multi-channel selling include the ones everyone knows, like Amazon and eBay. But there are several others that actually have comparable reach around the world, and are even bigger in some instances. These include Alibaba, Walmart Marketplace, Etsy, and Newegg.

We’ll take an in-depth look at each of these so you’ll have a clear picture of what each online marketplace has to offer. 

Which parts of the world engage with each online marketplace? How many people visit these platforms, and how loyal are they? 

If you want to reach new markets with your products and believe online marketplaces are the best avenue for this, you need to consider several key factors:

  • Features: how each online marketplace serves sellers, protects autonomy, and increases revenue without hassle
  • Pricing: how much you’ll have to pay to utilize each online marketplace
  • Audience: what sorts of people each online marketplace appeals to most
  • Reach: What volume of potential customers from specific geographic regions that access each marketplace

Let’s take a look at each of these six top multi-channel marketplaces.

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