Today, we’re sharing valuable insights from a recent discussion between two of our team members, Furkan and Demet, who play a pivotal role in guiding our Turkish customers through the VAT landscape.

The Team Behind the Scenes

Our conversation begins with introductions from Furkan and Demet. Furkan, a sales consultant, and Demet, an account manager, are part of our dedicated team assisting Turkish clients. Their fluency in Turkish and deep understanding of the challenges faced by Turkish online sellers in Europe set them apart, offering a unique advantage in the market.

The Client Journey: From Sales to Support

The journey of our clients is a well-orchestrated one. It starts with Furkan in the sales department and transitions smoothly to Demet or other Turkish-speaking colleagues for ongoing support. This bilingual support structure is not just a unique service offering but also a testament to our commitment to providing specialized after-sales services to our Turkish customers.

Take the Next Step with hellotax

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Navigating VAT Registration Challenges

A significant part of our discussion revolves…

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