USPS to Open New Sorting and Delivery Centers as Its Approach Comes Under Fire

The USPS is opening new sorting and delivery centers (S&DC) in January and February 2024, calling them an integral part of its Delivering for America plan “to create a best-in-class processing and delivery network.”

In its announcement, the USPS wrote the following:

“The S&DCs will revitalize our network of nearly 19,000 delivery units — the last stop for mail and packages before they are delivered by our carriers. The Postal Service has targeted key markets where it is beneficial to aggregate delivery units into fewer, larger, centrally located S&DCs — leveraging both repurposed and new facilities —to simplify the entire network and create a more reliable and efficient.”

The USPS said the opening of the new sorting and delivery centers would not impose Post Office closures, and it said the closures would not result in any changes for customers with regard to their local Post Office retail and PO Box delivery services.

However, that was called into question by postal expert Steve Hutkins who publishes the Save the Post Office website. In a November 13, 2023 article, he wrote about one of the first of the new sorting centers set to open on January 13, 2024 in Pompano Beach, Florida:

“The centralization of letter carriers in Pompano Beach won’t just impact the 450 carriers who will be relocated. The five post offices also have about 80 customer service clerks, processing clerks, managers, supervisors, and custodial workers. Some of these positions will also transition to the new S&DC, and some will remain behind to manage the retail operations in the post offices. But many of these jobs will become unnecessary due to the consolidation of operations and the use of new sorting machines in the S&DC. Those employees will be “excessed” — they’ll have to find another postal job, most likely outside of Pompano Beach.”

Hutkins was quoted in an article on Friday where he told the Guardian newspaper that “the drastic…

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