Online stores need to catch our attention and be memorable in order to stand out. One big way they do this is through visual branding. 

So, what is it and why is it important?

What’s Visual Branding?

In an eCommerce context, visual branding is a brand’s unique style or online look. It includes assets like the company logo, the colors they use, the type of pictures they show, and even the fonts they choose. Every little detail tells us a bit about the company and what they stand for.

Visual Branding in eCommerce: Why It Matters

Visual branding is like an eCommerce merchant’s storefront window. It’s the first thing we see and feel when we visit a site. If done right, it makes us want to step in (click or tap in) and shop. 

Why is Visual Branding Important for Online Shops?

With so many online stores out there, being different is a must. The way a store looks can make a big difference. Before reading about a product or checking its price, we see the store’s design. That first look can make or break our shopping experience.

Good visual branding doesn’t just make a store look good. It makes people feel good about shopping there. It builds a connection with visitors that converts them into repeat customers with higher customer lifetime values (CLTV). Knowingly or unknowingly, when people love a brand’s look and feel, they’re more likely to tell their friends about it.

In a world where consumers have too many options and too little time, how a brand presents itself matters – a lot. It’s not just about catching the eye for a moment; it’s about maintaining relevance in the buyer’s mind. As we go on, I’ll share more about the individual elements that create a great visual branding package. From the importance of a good logo to the feelings certain colors can give, we’ll learn how they all play a part in making a brand shine online.

Understanding the Elements of Visual Branding

Visual branding might sound fancy, but it’s important to remember that the term is really about the bits and pieces that come…

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