Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hi Starter Story readers! My name is Anthony Gallo, and along with my business partner Paul Xavier, I’m the co-founder of ContentCreator.com – an online education platform that teaches people the skills of professional content creation.

Three years ago, Paul and I decided we wanted to start a business focused on scalable online courses rather than trading time for money in our day jobs as a videographer and internet marketers respectively.

After researching what was generally available in the space, we quickly realized nobody was serving the beginner market with affordable, easy-to-follow training on cinematic video production. So we launched a short course called “14 Day Filmmaker” to target this untapped market.

With just $60 spent in our first day on Facebook ads and no existing audience, we were able to scale 14 Day Filmmaker to over $35,000 in sales per week within the first month! At this point, we knew we had stumbled upon something amazing.

Now, after years of refinement and relentless dedication, ContentCreator.com has become a thriving 8-figure business that’s helped launch the careers of thousands of aspiring content creators around the world.


What’s your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

I grew up in a middle class family in a reasonably wealthy American town. I was always intrigued by the kids who had lavish homes and parents who didn’t seem to work much. Seeing this planted a seed in my mind that one day I wanted the freedom to create my own future, rather than just accept the path that was expected.

The problem was I had no real business skills and lacked self-belief at the time. So like many of us, I opted to play it safe and went to college to study medicine.

In my time at college, I picked up filming and editing as a hobby, and it quickly turned into a huge passion. Making my own videos on the side, word eventually started to get around, and I began taking on client work filming…

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