Registering new domain names is not always essential if the one you presently have is operating flawlessly. You may always make a subdomain out of your current domain name rather than generating a new one.

Do you know what is a subdomain? Let’s check out this detailed guide.

What Is a Subdomain

What Is a Subdomain - DSers

A subdomain is a prefix that is applied to a domain name to identify a particular area of your website. Subdomains are typically used by site owners to administer large areas that need their content hierarchy, such as online shops, blogs, or support systems.

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Although picking a domain name is among the first decisions you’ll need to make when building a website, you may establish a subdomain whenever you want. When registering a domain name, you can access an endless number of subdomains, ranging from “abc” to “xyz.”

Structure of a Subdomain

Structure of a Subdomain - DSers

The top-level domain (TLD) is the extension, such, while the second-level domain (SLD) is the distinctive element of the domain name, frequently a company or brand name. In the example of, “com” is the TLD, and “dsers” is the SLD.

What comes before the SLD is called the subdomain. World Wide Web, or www, is the most popular subdomain. The website’s front page and its most crucial pages are located under this subdomain. Most domain registrars offer the www subdomain with domain name purchases since it is frequently used.

Subdomains are frequently used to divide a subdomain of a website from the main website. For instance, leads to the DSers support website.

Common Parameters of a Subdomain

The following are some crucial elements regarding a…

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