Add to Cart is one of the most pivotal moments in a customer’s journey—the point when someone shifts from merely browsing to potentially making a purchase.

But choosing the wrong shopping cart solution or having a poorly designed checkout flow can deter potential customers before they complete the checkout process, which is why it’s important to create a great shopping cart experience for your ecommerce store.

Below, we define the meaning of a shopping cart for ecommerce businesses and explore how to add one to your website. We’ll also provide several top-of-the-market options, including Shopify’s shopping cart integration.

What is an ecommerce shopping cart?

An ecommerce shopping cart is a software that lets customers select, store, and manage items before buying them. It reflects the concept of shopping in a store. You can add items to the cart that you want to buy, change the quantity, and get a total cost before finishing the transaction.

There are two main types of ecommerce shopping carts:

  1. Hosted/self-hosted shopping cart. This type of ecommerce shopping cart is provided by a third party. Typically, it’s easy to set up and integrate with other business tools and platforms. Hosted shopping carts are great options for new businesses and businesses with limited technical resources.
  2. Licensed shopping cart. A licensed ecommerce shopping cart is completely custom. While you have more control over the functionality and design, it requires more technical resources for implementation and maintenance. Typically, licensed shopping carts are good for enterprise businesses or merchants with complex tech stacks.

How to choose the right ecommerce shopping cart

Consider the following factors when researching options for your online store’s shopping cart:


All merchants need to consider budget when selecting an online shopping cart. And this goes beyond simply looking for the best price. Sometimes, the cheapest option isn’t the best…

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