A break-even analysis is a financial technique that aids a business in figuring out when it will become viable to provide a new service or product. Put another way, and it is a financial formula for figuring out how many goods or services a business should sell or provide to pay its expenses (particularly fixed costs).

Break-Even Analysis Definition

An organization is at break-even if all expenditures have been paid, but no money is being made or lost.

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Break-even analysis is helpful when examining the relationship between variable costs, fixed costs, and income. A business with little fixed expenses often has a low sales break-even point. For instance, if two companies, XYZ Ltd. and ABC Ltd., are selling comparable items and XYZ Ltd. has fixed expenses of$10,000 while ABC Ltd. has fixed costs of $100,000, XYZ Ltd. will be able to break even with the sale of fewer products than ABC Ltd.

When to Use Break-Even Analysis

  • Opening a new company: A break-even study is required before establishing a new company. It not only aids in determining if a new company concept is feasible but also forces the firm to be honest about expenses and serves as a foundation for pricing strategy.
  • Making a new product: If a firm already has a business, it should still do a break-even analysis before introducing a new product, especially if it significantly increases costs.
  • Business Model Change: A break-even study must be carried out when a firm is preparing to alter its business strategy, such as moving from wholesale to retail sales. A Break-Even analysis will assist in determining the selling price since expenses might fluctuate significantly.

Break-Even Analysis Benefits

  • Recognize missing costs: You may overlook a few costs while planning a new company. To determine your break-even point, you may analyze all your financial obligations using a break-even analysis. This study limits unexpected events in the future or at least gets a corporation ready…

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