Email marketers spend a lot of time drafting poignant email copy, designing wonderfully branded email templates, and crafting enticing email subject lines in the hope of getting it open and skyrocketing click-through rates.

email deliverability represented by a hand putting mail in a mailbox

But email deliverability is key to your success.

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Despite knowing the best practices for email deliverability (a.k.a. ensuring your email is getting delivered to the right inbox) and boosting deliverability rates, most marketers fail to figure out why their emails disappear after being sent.

In this blog, we cover the following:

Imagine you send mail to a friend with a missing sender name. The post could end up in the trash because of the unknown sender. Similarly, emails may get delivered to the recipient’s email address but end up in a spam folder or marketing folder.

The term email deliverability may often be confused with ‘email delivery.’ While both the terms direct toward email delivery, there is a striking difference between the two terms.

Email Delivery vs. Email Deliverability

Email delivery measures the number of emails that were delivered successfully, no matter the folder. It tells if the recipient’s mail server has accepted the email file and delivered it to the receiver.

Precisely, it calculates the percentage of emails that didn’t bounce out of the sent emails.

Email deliverability is akin to the number of emails that reach the right destination. Also known as inbox placement, it calculates the percentage of emails that get delivered to the priority inbox.

An email deliverability rate of 100 emails, out of which 33 ended up in the spam folder, is 66%.

An easy summary of this email delivery vs. email deliverability comparison is:

  • Email…

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