Data visualization is a brilliant method of data representation. It helps you interpret customers, so it provides valuable insights to improve your sales strategy and your customer relationships, enrich shoppers’ buying experience, and feed their needs.

There are various types of data visualization, such as infographics, diagrams, interactive videos, charts, images, and tools to help you use data visualization ecommerce and enjoy its benefits.

In this post, you will learn:

  • The importance of visuals
  • Benefits of data visualization for ecommerce
  • The need for a dashboard
  • Becoming a data-driven business

So, keep reading to learn more!

The importance of visuals

To understand the importance of visual resources in marketing strategies. For that, you have to determine the type of data that needs to be analyzed daily. Additionally, putting all this information in a simple visual format will help you gain quicker insights and become a data-driven business.

Data visualization makes it possible by using shapes, charts, and information distributed in the visual space. The most important factor is the power of just taking a quick look and being able to understand many points of interest.

It shows trends, patterns, and correlations in your business. Besides, it helps managers and decision-makers to make data-driven choices. For instance, you may decide which products you’ll need to have available in which seasons just by using data visualization in your supply chain strategy.

Or which media you may use to reach your audience efficiently by pulling out data from your previous campaigns.

Every type of chart has its own use, depending on what data you want to analyze and what insights you want to have. Moreover, the most typical charts used to visualize data in ecommerce are:

Bar charts

Every time you want to compare quantities or values, using bar charts is the best way to represent your data. Let’s say you want to compare in your ecommerce the average quantity of daily…

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