The original What’s New with Woo (WNWW) is a monthly newsletter from the Woo team that features a number of short updates on the WooCommerce product and ecosystem. 

To help spread the word, we’re launching a new blog series that expands on the newsletter content, giving readers more information and context on the shared updates. 

The monthly newsletter isn’t going anywhere, so if you’d like to receive updates in your inbox, you can subscribe to What’s New With Woo here.

In this first post, we’ll do a recap of the highlights from the past several months. 

So, what’s new with Woo?

WooCommerce Payments is now WooPayments

WooPayments is still the same seamless payments experience, with a new name as part of recent brand updates — and with the latest expansion it’s now available to stores in 38 countries. 

Woo Express

In May, we introduced Woo Express, a quick-to-launch version of WooCommerce that bundles must-have extensions and includes hosting from WordPress. Woo launched this offering because it offers the best combination of what is typically an A or B choice: software as a service (SaaS) or standalone open source. SaaS options are your subscription websites, like Shopify or Wix. Open-source options, like WordPress with WooCommerce, are free to use and yours to own.

Woo Express is a subscription version of the WooCommerce you know and love — but unlike traditional SaaS offerings, it’s just as flexible and customizable as the open-source original. To simplify the store startup process, Woo Express comes bundled with a set of extensions to help you publish products and make your first sale, all included in the subscription cost.

With Woo Express, you also have the option of test driving software with a 14-day free trial. To learn more about what’s different with Woo Express, read through this blog post. To get started today, sign up for a Woo Express free trial.

Meet the Woo AI Product…

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