When to Give Inheritance Money to Your Kid?

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Estate planning is on my mind. Our big financial goal for 2021 was to get our estate planning done. We first reached out to an attorney in February 2020, but then there was a pandemic and we put everything off. In October 2021, I emailed the paralegal back, “I know it’s been 18 months since you sent us this email, but you know, COVID. We’re back! Can we still get an appointment?”

So, I guess the first lesson you should learn from this post is that whatever you’ve been putting off—an estate plan, refinancing your student loans, doing that rollover, completing your Backdoor Roth IRA, buying insurance, or deciding on an asset allocation—just do it!

Aside from overcoming inertia and general busyness, the other reason we put off the estate planning for a few months was that we were having trouble deciding…

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