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Have you ever wondered if you could create a repricing strategy that doesn’t reprice your listings? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually possible! Before you dismiss the idea as nonsense and think, “Why would I ever need that?” Let’s take a moment to consider the benefits and scenarios where it could be useful. While repricing is typically associated with adjusting prices to stay competitive, there may be situation where you want to keep your prices steady, whether it is to maintain profitability during a specific period or to avoid unnecessary repricing for some products.  

Why Shouldn’t you Reprice your Listings all the Time? 

We all love repricing, but sometimes having a product sticking to the same price would help you avoid cheapening your products. Here are the possible scenarios that your items should take a break from repricing: 

A. When you are the only seller 

When you are selling an item that has no other competing offer, the best practice is to have the Repricer to maintain the item price because there is no competitor for you to undercut to win the Buy Box. If the product you are offering can be sold at a good price that is accepted by the market, you should continue selling at that price without any price adjustment to maximize your profit. 

B. When you don’t have suitable competitors to compete with 

There are times when you have competitors who are willing to drop their price egregiously to attract business even when they are making the bare minimum profits. This is what we call a race to the bottom, and you would never want to do the same. Luckily for BQool AI repricer, it knows when there are low ball offers ruining the market price and it will maintain your item price and avoid repricing against these competitors. BQool AI repricer knows buyers make a purchase because you provide something they…

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