Have you ever wanted to sell on Wish? Dropshipping gives merchants the perfect opportunity to reach customers on a variety of channels, with minimal risk. 

You can sell products via your own website, social media, and marketplaces like Wish, thanks to the Wish merchant center.

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While Wish might not be as big of a marketplace as Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy, it’s quickly emerging as a popular platform among consumers looking for versatile and affordable products.

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As experts in the dropshipping industry, we’ve shared countless tips and guides teaching beginners how to get started in this field. Here, we’re going to share our step-by-step guide to selling on Wish, for dropshipping vendors.

What is Wish Dropshipping?

wish dropshipping homepagewish dropshipping homepage

If you’re thinking of selling through Wish dropshipping, you’ll need to understand how it all works. As you may already know, Wish is an ecommerce platform and marketplace designed to connect buyers and sellers worldwide. It has customers, and retailers in hundreds of countries worldwide.

The Wish marketplace allows merchants to sell products to an engaged audience of consumers globally. Currently, there are more than 600 million registered users on the Wish.com platform. That means you have lots of opportunities to find customers for your products.

There are two ways to engage in “Wish dropshipping”. One option is to sign up for a Wish marketplace account and sell your products directly through Wish. You can either sell products produced yourself, or products you purchase from other wholesale and dropshipping suppliers.

Another option is to source products directly from Wish retailers, which you can then sell through your ecommerce store, or a separate marketplace at a marked-up price.

One thing that differentiates Wish from other platforms for online sales is its commitment to competitive pricing. Like AliExpress, Wish sells products for extremely low prices. This means you can source products from…

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