World Pricing Day took place for the first time on 9 September 2022.  We are very proud and happy to continue to host the second World Pricing Day event this year as well. 

Did you know why the event is scheduled for 9.9.? It’s because of the widespread psychological pricing strategy that we come across every day. 

The main reason this day is specialized is that pricing 0.99 is frequently encountered in ecommerce, where we are all consumers. The excitement of the preparation and dedication to gathering precious experts together was a pleasure for us. 

This year’s World Pricing Day is based on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on pricing. Different perspectives of pricing enthusiasts have been discussed in this year’s event. Pricing enthusiasts will be talking about why pricing matters, the future of pricing strategies and trends, primary factors before deciding a pricing strategy, success stories with unique pricing models and many more.  

In today’s blog article, we will dive into World Pricing Day 2023 speeches. 

Let’s take a look at the session!

Burc Tanir – CEO & Co-Founder of Prisync

Burc Tanir hosted the second World Pricing Day by welcoming our guests. He explained his background story of how he started his pricing journey. Then, Burc highlighted his thoughts on the importance of pricing, which was the main reason for World Pricing Day: to educate people about the importance of pricing. In the session Burc asked different questions, from AI’s impact to inflation’s influence on pricing, and discussed it with the pricing enthusiasts. 

You can watch the entire speech of Burc from here.

Sara-Marie Gansert – Pricefx Solution Strategist

Sara-Marie Gansert explained that moving away from Excel to software is a solution to go in the future to be applied in AI. As she detailed in her speech, doing all these formulas and calculations in Excel is impossible. On the other hand, she highlighted the importance of the context of…

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